Course of Biomaterials for Medical Devices

The Faculty of Engineering at University of Buenos Aires will start on October 20 a Postgraduate Complementation Course on Biomaterials in Medical Devices. The course, which is theoretical and practical, will have a total duration of 90 hours with a weekly load of 3 to 4 hours.

The objective of the course is to present the different types of biomaterials, analyzing the relationships between: manufacturing processes, structure, properties, volumetric and superficial, biological response as well as to propose the basic criteria of analysis and evaluation of biomaterials, to inform about the equipment and others necessary resources for the study, analysis, design and validation of medical devices that use biomaterials, to discuss the local, regional and global problems and to propose the future perspectives of development, production of devices in the area of ​​Biomaterials.
Minimum requirements
The minimum requirements are knowledge of mathematical calculation and basic analysis, ability to interpret graphics and compression of technical texts in English. The particular situations will be evaluated by the faculty. If it is feasible to submit your CV, the institutional or business linkage and areas of particular interest to the e-mail:

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